Golf Travel Insurance – A Golf Holiday Must

Amateur and professional golfers should consider getting golf insurance if they play regularly. These days more people are taking liability seriously and your stray golf ball could cause you expensive out-of-pocket liabilities. An occasional slice could land into a condo unit with wall-to-wall glass and make you accountable to pay for the replacement of the glass at the very least. The problem could be compounded by injuries if someone is hit by your ball or cut by the broken glass.

If you travel a lot to play gold around the country or overseas, you should also get coverage. Golf travel insurance will cover your golf clubs if they get damaged or lost during the trip. If you travel frequently, you should also insure your other things such as jewelry, your laptop, and other valuables. You can get good rates if you get a number of policies from the same insurance company. Your golf travel policy may also cover you in case of medical emergencies while on a golf holiday.

The cost of golf insurance is considerably cheaper than the cost of what you could be liable for with just one bad hook that ends up in the parking lot. There are different types of insurance policies concerning the sport of golf. Some policies will cover damage to property, others will cover medical or hospital bills if you get injured on the fairway. A policy may also cover third-party injuries if your stray golf ball hits someone. If your ball hits someone in the head, he will likely need x-rays or an MRI.

Golf travel insurance can cover lost golf sets or damaged golf equipment during transit. It also covers injuries sustained by you or others while on a golf holiday. Just like a regular golf policy you have back home, it also covers public liability if your golf equipment causes damage to other people’s property. Your travel policy can also pay for your loss in case your clubs or other golf gear get stolen. Other things it may cover are damage to your rented equipment such as a golf cart.

Golf insurance policies can also pay for expenses for personal injuries like falling off from a golf cart, getting struck by lightning on the golf course or getting hit by a golf club aside from getting hit by the ball. It may sound a little bit far off but these things do happen more often than you think. The policy may also apply to injuries sustained at a practice driving range aside from accidents on the fairway. Your insurance plan may also cover problems concerning your accommodations abroad.

For example, if you golf gear is damaged from a flood that occurs in your golf resort, or if your golf set is stolen from your hotel room, your golf travel insurance will cover the damage or loss. Having yourself covered during a golf holiday can take away the stress of dealing with unfortunate incidents such as these in a foreign country. To avoid fraud, you should buy your policy from a reputable company that provides coverage on a domestic and international level.

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